You are asked to lead a team to update a


You are asked to lead a team to update a policy on hospital attire in the workplace. For this exercise you will be developing a team charter.

To complete this assignment, do the following:

  1. Provide an introduction section that describes the background of issue your team will be addressing.
  2. What is the vision/mission and objectives of this team?
  3. Are there any budget or resources needed to complete this task?
  4. Identify the appropriate number of interdisciplinary team members, their professions and a rationale for their being a team member.
  5. Outline the roles and responsibilities of the team members
  6. How will the work get done? Meeting guidelines, communication, documentation, timeframe for completion etc.
  7. Who does this team report their finding to? 
  8. Conclusion – assessment of the team process

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