Week #5 Discussion due Sun 10/3 **Be sure to review


Week #5 Discussion due Sun 10/3

**Be sure to review the Week #5 Overview page before you complete the Week #5 Discussion assignment.

This week’s Discussion will focus on Colorism, as described in Chapter 9 of Kendi’s book. You will be analyzing this trend through a Synthesis of three or more sources, an analysis which relates ideas on a theme from a variety of sources and perspectives.

  • You must integrate quotes and ideas from at least three different sources for this write-up (options listed below).
  • Your write-up will need to include a minimum of nine quotes (at least three from each source), more is fine.
  • You should include a Works Cited list for all your sources (in MLA format (Links to an external site.)). (**Authors of articles can be found on the websites listed below, at either the top or bottom of each article on the website.)

Options for the Three Sources

You may choose either two articles, or one article plus the video, from the Guardian’s “Shades of Black” series to go with Kendi’s Chapter 9 for your three sources; or you may use one article or video from “Shades of Black,” plus “How the Camera Sees Color” to go with Chapter 9 from Kendi. (Additional research is optional.)

(Please note: You may be prompted to register, at no cost, in order to access content on the Guardian’s website.)

(Approx. 450-500 words; more is fine.)

**You will need to respond to another student’s post, as well. 

(All Discussion posts are due by 11:59pm on the due dates.)

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