Using the internet, search for an enterprise company (i.e. Amazon)


Using  the internet, search for an enterprise company (i.e. Amazon) that you  feel follows this enterprise architecture and consider the implications  of each function represented.  For each function in this diagram, define  the purpose and interaction with other function, give examples.  Define  and discuss credible attack surfaces for each function, if any. Does  the function include interactions with third party systems? If so,  should they be trusted at the same level as the internal systems.   Discuss threat agents and what targets may be of interest.


Prepare  a report that answers all the questions.  This report should be no less  than 10 pages of content.  You need to include outside sources and  properly cite and reference your sources.  You must have at least 10  references, 5 of which must be scholarly peer-reviewed articles.  In  addition to the 10 pages of content, you will want a title page and a  reference sheet.  This report needs to be in proper APA format.

All  written reports should be submitted in MS Word.  The paper submission  will use SafeAssign. Please ensure to use the proper APA citations.

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