User ID’s, passwords, and personal identification numbers (PINS) are a

User ID’s, passwords, and personal identification numbers (PINS) are a fact of everyday life in the information age. They are required for activities such as using ATM and debit cards, logging into Windows accessing wireless networks, social media and file sharing. Computer related security is primarily based on passwords associated with user IDs. The level of protection offered by a single-factor authentication depends on good password selection and management on the part of users. It is important to set a standard for creating, protecting, and changing passwords to ensure that they are strong, secure, and personal information is protected.

  1. Visit the online password strength tester ( (Links to an external site.)) and test a password of your choice
  2. Select the unhide password option
  3. Submit (5)  print screen shots in which you will use five (5) different passwords,that should be stored on the attached Word document
  4. (sample of screenshot for outcome)
  5. Complete a summary to include: Passwords used,  listing information for Warning and Failure categoriespassword image

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