Unit 7 Assignment: Stress Reduction Plan Attached Files: Unit 7


Unit 7 Assignment: Stress Reduction Plan

Attached Files:

You may have heard that chronic stress is the “silent killer.” The effects of stress can wreak havoc on our bodies internally without our knowing it. For this assignment, you will analyze your stress level and develop a plan to lower your daily and long-term stress.See the attached document for complete instructions and grading rubric.  

Additional resource for Unit 7 Assignment:

Your body is a complex and beautifully designed system that can become your greatest tool towards a healthy and happy life.  Keeping it strong and able is key in staying youthful and preventing stress, injury, chronic disease, and many other issues down the road.  Science is showing physical benefits from movement, ranging from supporting brain health and cognition to balancing our stress response signals.  Exercise and stress can both impact inflammation on a molecular level, through regulatory effects on the immune system.  Clearly, moving our bodies in different ways can have many amazing whole-body benefits.  Read the article in the Unit 7 Readings & Resources, “Why Movement Matters” (Hyman, 2021), for information that you can use when writing up your Unit 7 Assignment this week.

NOTE: In the Unit 7 Assignment instructions, disregard the question pertaining to “a plan to incorporate more ounces” within the section “Explain what is meant by the Mind-Body Connection” since you have already addressed this question in last week’s “Unit 6 Water Intake Assignment.” 

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