Topic 1(minimum 400 words) This posting will describe the structural

Topic 1(minimum 400 words) 

This posting will describe the structural characteristics of your microbe. Aspects to include:

  • State the size of your microbe.
  • Describe the structure of your microbe:
    • If a bacterium or archaeon, describe the cell wall, outer layer if applicable, and any other structures present (flagella, pili etc.).
    • If a virus, what nucleic acid they present, what is the shape of the capsid, and if it has an envelope.
    • If a eukaryote, describe shape, cellular characteristics, any special structures, unusual nuclei etc.
  • Chemical composition if relevant: your microbe may have a special coating of some kind, or present molecules that add resistance to its structure. Mention them briefly if this is the case.
  • State if your microbe is auto/hetero/chemo/phototroph (and if it can change, explain).
  • Explain with your own words and in more details, what the above means for your microbe (= what does it “eat” for energy and carbon).

Topic 2: (Minimum 250 words)

A specific positive statement about the posting’s content.

Topic 3: (Minimum 250 words)

A question or additional information on original posting

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