This is what he wrote about my paper please someone

This is what he wrote about my paper please someone help 

The organizational chart clearly defines the key leadership and level of responsibility. Thoroughly explained the role details including the relationships with other areas of the organization. 

The section on Porter’s model needed substantially more detail – probably 3-4 sentences on each of the five forces. I also could not find anything about the threat of substitutes, as it is defined in the model. Please review the relevant section of Chapter 8 (I believe it starts on page 224) and then use that model to analyze your organization.  

The threat of substitutes is tricky. It’s not about other companies providing a similar product or service, but rather about an other company providing the same value in a different way. Think about how we consume music, for example. Before radio, the only way to hear music was live and in person. Radio was a substitute for in-person concerts. Then records came along, followed by cassette tapes, CDs, mp3 players, and now streaming. Each step in that chain was a substitute for the earlier steps.  

Partially analyzed the effectiveness of the current leadership model and styles the organization is using. To score Mastery, provide more information about the five sources of power and about how to determine effective leadership. Chapter 14 will be helpful. I’ve attached the slides from that chapter.

The leadership model recommendation was limited. Add more information about how transformational leadership works (see Chapter 14).

Recommendations to further align operational needs with business strategies were adequate.

The readability of this submission could have been enhanced. Consider using a tool such as to fine-tune your submissions. I’ve attached a Grammarly report on your submission to highlight some of the opportunities. Strong and clear writing will enhance your credibility as a manager and leader.  

To fully integrate supporting evidence, remember to include citations in the text, in addition to your references page. You provided an interesting list of references, but without citations, it is unclear how and where you drew on the information in each of the references.

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