The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you can analyze the roles and influence of technology on healthcare delivery and practice. For this assignment you will interview someone you know about their most recent interaction with a healthcare practitioner and analysis of their interaction. Their interaction could be at any level – from major hospitalization or surgery to a routine check-up or dental cleaning for themselves or their children. Ask them to describe the whole interaction and how they felt about it, from arrival to departure, with a focus on the use of technology during the interaction. You may record the interview or take notes during it – whichever way helps you remember the person’s responses.

After the interview, It should begin with the person’s experiences, focusing on whether or not technology played a role in those experiences and how the person felt about it. After, providing your own scholarly analysis of the interaction and how technology helped or harmed the interaction, drawing on what you learned from the Clarke et al., Crilly et al., and Jennings articles. Make a recommendation for how technology could be used better or additionally in a similar type of interaction in the future.

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