Select a dependent variable from one of your proposed research

Select a dependent variable from one of your proposed research topics that is a construct. Provide an operational definition of this construct. For example, I hypothesized that children who play violent video games will have more incidences of violent behavior than children who do not play these games. My dependent variable, aggression, is a construct and needs an operational definition. I could define aggression by the number of incidences of physically violent or threatening behavior. In this case, I would also need to define violent behavior. I could operationally define violent behavior as physical assault (pushing, slapping, hitting, punching, kicking, pinching pulling hair, hitting or stabbing with an object), threatening with a weapon (e.g., gun, knife, or any object that could be used to harm).

Once you have defined your construct, select one form of reliability and one form of validity, and provide an example of how problems with each can affect your measurement of this variable. 

Topic: I hypothesize that children that are abused will have more anxiety around people than children who are not abused. I generated this idea just from things that I have seen in life. 

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