Research Study-Conference Poster Presentation Project.

Description Conference Poster Presentation Project: Across five stages, you will engage in a small-scale research study, using a dataset that is provided by the instructor, which will cumulate in a research poster that is similar to what would be presented at a research conference. This project is cumulative; therefore, it is imperative that students complete all the stages on-time. The dataset, codebook (which includes variable names), templates and examples for each of the sections of the poster, and a poster template in PowerPoint format will be provided on BlackBoard. These templates should be used for submission for each section Title, Introduction Section, and References: This section will include a descriptive title, which focuses on the student’s hypothesis; an introduction, which consists of a very brief literature review and an initial “guess” for how variables may be related (the student’s hypothesis), and a references section which corresponds to the brief literature review. Students are encouraged to explore the dataset and codebook to come up with their hypothesis as soon as possible, and the email the instructor as soon as possible to discuss ideas for their hypothesis Method Section: This section is largely already created in the template that is included on BlackBoard. (with the description of “Don’t alter this” next to the title for those sections which should not be altered by the student. However, for this section, the student will need to complete the “Measures” portion of the Method section by identifying the variables they will assess to determine whether their hypothesis may or may not be confirmed by the data in the dataset. Also, the student will need to complete the “Ethical Considerations” section, where any ethical dilemmas or participant risks that may be associated with the study are identified. Results Section: This section constitutes the actual data analysis portion of the study, where students use biostatistics to analyze the variables indicated in the Measures portion of the Method Section. Students are encouraged to contact the instructor or consult the Center for Math & Statistics Support for choosing the appropriate statistical test, running the statistical test in Excel, and/or interpreting the results. Discussion Section and References: This section is a reflection on whether the student’s hypothesis from the Introduction Section were confirmed by their analyses in the Results section Final Conference Poster Presentation: The Final Conference Poster Presentation represents the cumulative efforts in the project by students all semester, where all of the above sections are put together in the form of a research poster. Although a template is included in BlackBoard, for this portion students may feel free to be creative in how they present their project here – as long as all of the sections included in the poster template are included in the student’s final poster (just make sure not to leave any section out!) Templates TITLE Create a title which describes what your study is investigating, which should follow your hypothesis closely. INTRODUCTION Include a statement that frames the overall problem, and describes the variables used in your study (reference). Include a statement that describes the relationship between your two variables (reference). H1: You should state your hypothesis (no reference here – this is YOUR idea!). REFERENCES Cite all references from the Introduction section in APA format. METHOD TEMPLATES PARTICIPANTS (Don’t alter this) One hundred and seventy seven participants completed a paper and pencil survey. Participants’ ages ranged from 16 to 78 years old (M = 34.18, SD = 14.43). All participants lived in the greater Houston area. Table 1. Participant Characteristics Characteristic % n Gender Female 60.45 107 Male 39.55 70 Ethnicity African American 35.03 62 American Indian 0 0 Asian/Pacific Islander 4.52 8 White/Non-Hispanic 19.77 35 Hispanic/Latino 36.16 64 Other 3.40 6 Missing Data 1.13 2 Relationship Status Married 23.73 42 Divorced 9.04 16 Unmarried-Cohabitating 13.56 24 Single-Never Married 49.72 88 Separated 2.82 5 Missing Data 1.13 2 DESIGN AND PROCEDURE (Don’t alter this) As part of an in-class activity, students enrolled in the fall 2015 Epidemiology and Biostatistics course administered paper and pencil surveys to participants residing in the greater Houston area. Participants who consented to participate completed a demographics questionnaire, read a hypothetical scenario that described an emerging infectious disease, and then completed a series of questionnaires

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