Reflexive Interview Report: Marriage in the UK


A reflexive report evaluating how you prepared and conducted interviews 1) In what ways were the questions you prepared suitable/unsuitable for the research question – think about types of question and evaluate in relation to the literature. 2) Did the interviews help you to answer your research question? Why/why not? Make sure you include the research question in your essay. 3) An evaluation of the process of interviewing – how did you conduct the interviews eg. preparing the interviewee; body language, positioning; sensitivity towards the interviewee. 4) What were the ethical implications of these interviews and how did you deal with them? How did you feel when interviewing? Structure of the essay while answering the above questions could be: –

Introduction – Research Question and Interview Guide -Conducting Interviews First Interview Second Interview -Reflection on Interviews – Ethical Implications  uploaded a file with my RQ and the questions and short answers from the interviews. I also wrote some notes from each interview

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