Reflect critically on Gandhi’s book Hind Swaraj (1909)

In the short reading report, we want to reflect critically on Gandhi’s book Hind Swaraj (1909). Read the book and then address, in parts of approximately equal length, three questions: What are Gandhi’s overall or major arguments? If you had to summarize the book in one page, what would you say? Here we seek the governing ideas and structure of the text, keeping in mind that we have a limited space in which to summarize it. How does Gandhi seek to be persuasive? Here we are looking for literary styles and techniques that Gandhi uses to convince us of his case. What are two or three devices which Gandhi uses, and how do they seek to persuade you? No special knowledge of rhetoric or style is expected; I would like you simply to reflect on the text’s efforts to convince readers. Why might Gandhi write what he does? Here I would like you to suggest, thinking of lessons 1-3, an event(s) or issue(s) in Gandhi’s own life that might help to explain why Gandhi composed this book. Our aim is not to restate the book’s arguments, but to move behind them and suggest in historical or social terms what might drive Gandhi to write. Your report should not exceed the assigned word limit (1000 words). Please do not consult secondary sources such as print articles or the internet; read the original text and reflect on what you read.

1 You are welcome, though, to employ knowledge from lessons or readings prior to the date on which the report is due.

2 Complete this assignment individually, and that you incorporate footnotes or parenthetical citations (i.e., page references) for ideas in the text when paraphrasing it and when quoting it directly (i.e., citations are required even if you are not quoting the text directly).

3 An ideal report will answer these questions plausibly and clearly, in an organized way with an introduction and conclusion paragraph. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to speak with me. Maximum length: 1000 words; due date: Before midnight on the Sunday which closes Lesson 3 (End of Week Three), i.e., Sunday, January 27. Value: 20% of final grade

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