R.1 Abstract of Qualitative Research Article Overview: The term “abstract”


R.1 Abstract of Qualitative Research Article

Overview: The term “abstract” is a homophone which can mean one of two scholarly writing activities. One, is the abstract that you will write to introduce your dissertation. The other meaning is a shortened writing assignment whereby you write a condensed summary of an academic journal.  For this assignment, we will focus on writing a scholarly abstract of a qualitative journal. More information about writing an abstract can be found via the web resource “Writing Scholarly Abstracts.”Directions: View the rubric and examples to make sure you understand the expectations of this assignment. Create a 1-2 (more is fine) page single-spaced Analysis of Research abstract published qualitative scholarly article related to your mock dissertation topic/research question. Brevity and being concise are important as this analysis is intended to be a brief summation of the research.

Each abstract must therefore consist of the following in this order: 


2. Suggestions for Further Research

 i will share link of the article which you are going write about. i just need conclusion and suggestions for further research for that article . its has to be in proper APA format ,proper ciations and references.

this is the link for article:


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