Principles and operations of warehouses

This Summative Assessment is designed to assess your knowledge and understanding of in order to fulfil the Assessment Criteria (AC) for Learning Outcome:

LO1: Understand the principles and operations of warehouses.



In order to fulfil the following Assessment Criterion, produce an essay which covers the following:


AC 1.1 Explain the purpose of a warehouse, including the various departments (400 – 450 words)


AC 1.2 Describe two types of warehouses used for the storage of goods (400 – 450 words)


AC 1.3 Explain the factors which influence the location of a warehouse (400 – 450 words)



To satisfy the Learning Outcome you will need to meet all of the Assessment Criteria (AC) above using one of the assessment options. Next to each of the above Assessment Criteria, is the word count for that AC. If there is less than the minimum word count, then it is likely to show insufficient depth of content in order to satisfy the requirements of the AC. 

Ensure you answer each question under a subject heading i.e. AC1.1 should have a title of Assessment Criteria 1.1 with your answer written beneath. This needs to be repeated for each criteria (AC1.1, AC1.2, AC1.3).

There is a requirement for evidence of research, this must be through the use of Harvard style referencing.

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