Prepare a multi-paragraph e ss ay (including an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion) with a minimum of 600 words. Create an e ss ay that addresses information below and includes your reaction to the ideas presented. See further instructions below.

Use Times New Roman font, size 12, double-space the text of your e ss ay, and use 1 inch margins on all sides.

Follow English grammar standards and rules, using use college-level language.

   The Mexican-American War and Manifest Destiny

·      What do you see in the painting, American Progress by John Gast, provided in the Manifest Destiny PowerPoint?

·      The floating white woman in this painting is heading West. What do you think she represents?

·      Who and what are still in “darkness” in the painting?

·      Who and what are bringing the “light” of civilization?

·      What does Manifest Destiny mean in the teaching of our history?

·      How did our belief in Manifest Destiny justify our expansion westward?

·      ­­What lands did the U.S. receive as a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, 1848?

·      How did the Mexican-American War add to the developing tensions that led to the Civil War?

·      Why did it spark the question of whether we (the U.S.) will be slave or free?

·      How did the war affect American politics?

·      Many hoped the Compromise of 1850 would diffuse tensions over the newly acquired territories. What was the Compromise of 1850? Did it diffuse tensions or further exacerbate the political strain? Explain.

·      Could the Wilmot Proviso have prevented the Civil War? How and why was it an event that led us to war?

·      How did the California Gold Rush affect Native Americans? Immigrants? The U.S. economy? How did it change America? How did it impact the issue of slavery?

·      How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act lead to conflict, violence, and chaos, resulting in “Bleeding Kansas”? How is this connected to the beating of Senator Charles Sumner? Why is this beating a microcosm of the developing national crisis?

Formatting Instructions

Include specific references (in-text citations) to the ALL of the sources provided and the information from the web link in your e s say.

DO NOT copy and paste ANY of your e ss ay from ANY print or Internet source.  This is academic plagiarism and will result in an automatic zero for the Ex am.

Minimum of 3 credible, scholarly sources.

Please USE your textbook as a source.

DO Not use .com, .net. or .orgs

Do Not use Wikipedia

Do not use an encyclopedia as one of your major sources. These are compilations, not a scholarly source.

You can use .edu and .gov

I strongly encourage you to use EbscoHost.

Here’s the link:


You must CITE all sources used within the text of your e ss ay (using in-text citations) and provide a Works Cited Page of those sources; you may use whichever style you are most familiar: MLA, Chicago. If you need assistance with this, please let me know.

You may also use our Communications Lab online services at

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