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 Description Case Study: Values-based organization – Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi Hotel Case issues / questions for consideration • Define and distinguish between empowerment, delegation, and self-management. • Define and distinguish between vision, values, and culture. • The article mentioned that “The General Manager of the Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel in China, Mark DeCocinis, stated that: The key starts with selecting the right people. Our selection focuses on talent and personal values because these are things that can’t be taught. Our culture is special, and we can’t expect to bring someone into this culture if they don’t have the same values and purpose (Yeung, 2006)”. Comment on this statement and determine whether this would be a universal standard for employee selection in the hotel industry. • Summarize the significant learning and practices which Ritz Carlton adopted to make it a success. Are these transferrable to other organizations? • How do organizations ensure that the level of services provided to customers is a competitive advantage? How do you think that customer service is measured in the Ritz Carlton? • Does excellent customer service come at a high price in organizations such the Ritz Carlton? • Any other pertinent observation or comments relevant to the case and within the context of management in organizations.

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