Important US History Figure 1492-1877

 Description Instructions: Select an important historical figure or topic from U.S. History, 1492 to 1877. Write a Research Paper making sure you include the following: 1. A strong introduction which establishes your theme or thesis. 2. An identification of the historical figure or topic by giving appropriate background and biographical information. 3. Utilization of proper spelling and grammar. Use the past tense unless your subject is still alive. 4. A strong conclusion that sums up the major points. Be sure to discuss your critical evaluations of the sources weighing their strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you also include your own observations, opinions, findings, and critical analysis. 5. The paper must be 7-10 typed pages, double-spaced with one inch margins. (Papers can be longer than 10 pages but not shorter than 7). Long quotes, footnotes (or endnotes) should be single spaced. 6. Number your pages. Page numbers may appear either at the top or bottom of each page. 7. Use the Chicago Manual of Style which include proper footnoting or endnoting. That means click “Reference” and then “Insert Endnote” or “Insert Footnote” and then follow the example given on Moodle Do NOT use the MLA or APA style. 8. You MUST footnote the end of each and every paragraph unless the information in that paragraph is 100% original to you and you alone—otherwise, it is plagiarism. 9. The paper must include a bibliography at the very end listing a minimum of five scholarly book sources and one Internet source, and then you may use reference works, textbooks, encyclopedias, additional Internet sources, etc. Do not use Wikipedia. It is not a reliable source.

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