Discussion: Research a Recent Data Breach Involving Databases Instructions: In


Discussion: Research a Recent Data Breach Involving Databases


In this module, we discussed how important security is when it comes to databases. As an effective database professional, you’ll need to ensure the systems and solutions you design and use are properly secured from accidental or intentional misuse. Many databases contain sensitive information, such as PII (Personally Identifiable Information, like your birth date), PHI (Personal Health Information, such as your medical history or current prescriptions), and PCI (Payment Card Information, such as your bank or credit card details). Then there are the thousands upon thousands of other data points captured about you and the world (physical and virtual) around you. All of this information is under attack – by malicious hackers seeking to profit, competitors looking for the “Next Big Thing”, or just bored kids who have nothing better to do. 

In your duties, you’ll be managing and acting as a “Data Custodian.” By understanding how impactful a database breach can be, use the internet to research data breaches from the past 5 years. Focus on breaches where

  • Data was stored in a database, S3 bucket, or other online repository,
  • Data was the primary focus of the attack
  • Where that attack caused serious business or financial harm

In general, your post should include: key characteristics or facts about the attack, type of data impacted, business or financial impact. Include any lessons learned or relevant personal experiences. 

The post should be roughly 3-4 paragraphs and be roughly 300-400 words long. 

You MUST cite resources in APA format. 

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