Devolution In Frankenstein

This essay will contain five paragraphs (introduction, four body paragraphs, conclusion) and will be double-spaced. Include a proper MLA heading and title, MLA in-text citations, and a proper Works Cited page. The font style will be Times New Roman and the font size will be 12. The length of the paper will be four (4) pages (double-spaced). The fourth page should be no less than 3/4 of a page. Do not exceed 5 1/4 pages. The Works Cited page does not count toward the page minimum.

The essay is worth 25% of the semester average. Process: In class we have read the novel Frankenstein. The goal for this essay is to identify four specific reasons or events that cause Frankenstein’s creature to break down emotionally or psychologically

. In each of the four body paragraphs, please clearly and directly analyze the event or situation that impacts the creature in negative manner and causes him to lose hope, to become violent, to alter his views on human nature, or other reactions. Include a quotation from the novel in each of the four body paragraphs. See my suggested outline below for more clarification.

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