Create a toolkit that can be used in your business


Create a toolkit that can be used in your business and educational experiences in the future.  What key points should be noted as “need to know.” An example is understanding the interviewing process.

A toolkit is created to serve as a repository for HR documentation that can be used as a handy source of information.  This exercise allows you to start collecting documentation that you can use in the future as examples. It can include the following:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Recruitment Processes

•             Offer Letter

•             Job Description

•             Employment Agreement and contract

•             Recruitment Tracker

•             Candidate Evaluation Form

•             Reference Check Guide

  • Performance Appraisals Examples
  • Performance Management Processes

•             Performance Review

•             Performance Improvement Plan

•             Performance Appraisal Letter

•             Performance Warning Letter

•             Onboarding Checklist

•             Employee Induction

•             New Employee Announcement Email

•             Employee Welcome Email

•             New Hire Checklist

•             Job Offer Email

•             Company Policies Checklist for New Hires

•             Welcoming New Employees

•             Appointment Letter

I personaly have a file that I created for my job searches which includes:

  • Resume
  • Work Philosophy
  • Personal Values
  • Interview Questions and Responses
  • Elevator Speech
  • Personal References
  • Key Highlights of Work Performance

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