Compulsive Personality Disorder – Movie: Matchstick Men

Summarize the plot of the film in sufficient detail to demonstrate familiarity, but should focus their papers on the depiction of psychological abnormality/disorder from the DSM V the group has selected. Groups must clear this diagnosis with professor prior to beginning the paper. GAD and MDD are not to be used. This must be done no later than March 1. Your paper will address various aspects of the disorder your group selected. Many of the following categories as may apply: o history of illness o treatment history, outcomes o medical and psychosocial treatment o behavioral observations o functional assessment o strengths o defense mechanisms o identify syndromes (group of symptoms occurring together in a disorder) o differential diagnosis (all disorders patient could have), what looks similar to this disorder o diagnosis of the psychopathology and comorbidity if applicable ( what goes with it) o treatment plan and likely prognosis You will then take the information attained from your research and discuss the films you watched. What errors or liberties did the filmmaker take? What is the message (implicit or explicit) concerning people with mental illness? How was the diagnosis portrayed? Speak to the character, what did their support system look like? Were there any coping skills?

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