Case 30: M&M Pizza 1. What is going on at


Case 30: M&M Pizza

1. What is going on at M&M Pizza? How do the financial statements for M&M Pizza vary with the proposed repurchase plan? Do the alternative policies improve the expected dividends per share? 

2. Describe the companies current WACC, and capital structure choices. It seems obvious that debt is the cheaper source of funds. Why is the company willing to pay 8% on equity when it could borrow at 4%?

3. What impact does the repurchase plan have on M&M’s weighted-average cost of capital? Complete the table below (No Corporate Taxes). What are the debt and equity claims worth under the alternative scenarios? You may note that the present value of a perpetual cash flow stream is equal to the expected payment divided by the associated required return. Which proposal is best for investors, discuss your results in your explanation? What do you recommend that Miller do?


1. How would your analysis in and recommendation in question 3 change if the new tax law is implemented? Please note that, with corporate taxes, the expected debt-to-equity ratio under the share repurchase plan is 0.588, and the number of remaining shares outstanding is 39.4 million. Complete the same table as in question 3 with a tax rate of 20%.

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