campaign proposal: it can be like an after school hours

 campaign proposal: it can be like an after school hours event once a week that is basically just a game room with fun stuff the kids would like and food. This would help to create a space for kids to hang out with each other in person and also to create a positive atmosphere at the school campus

UTILIZE the main points from the OUTLINE (“The best way to get through to teens is…” . )into an integrated PROPOSAL format.
Using the template given, create a PROPOSAL that clearly identifies the problem,
states the importance of the problem, shows the status of the problem with empirical
data, creates a cultural, theoretical and developmental explanation of the problem and
a proposed solution.  

I need 2 pages 

For outlines, use APA outline formatting taken from APA guidelines.
For proposal, use template provided.

In all writing assignments:
You may only use 3rd person (no 1st person: I, me, our, we etc.), typed, double-spaced,
APA formatting, APA style reference page, APA in-text citations and academic style
paragraphs, language and tone.  Be sure to check spelling and grammatical errors.  



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