Business: The purpose of marketing is to exploit consumers.

This is the topic and title of the given essay: Business The purpose of marketing is to exploit consumers. Discuss. Format ● 800-1000 words ● Arial ● Font 12 ● Double-spaced ● Single-sided ● Cover page: student name and number; word count; essay title; teacher name

● References in the essay and at the end of the essay. References are not included in the word count. You will be assessed on ● Use of source material: you should use 4-7 reliable sources ● Cohesion, coherence and organisation ● Communication and task fulfilment ● Lexis ● Grammar **Please note that this given work is for a foundation level student at university. The language should be formal but not too advanced. Please review the file “Mobile”, for an understanding of my English writing and vocabulary level, and as well go through the teachers comments at the bottom of the document for the feedback.** 

#Business #purpose #marketing #exploit #consumers

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