Atoms and Bonding in Chemistry GCSE AQA specification

The research and whole assignment is based on teaching the concept of Atoms and Bonding (ionic and covalent bonding) in Chemistry.

The school follow the AQA Syllabus so ensure you use that, as this is what is set out by the curriculum that pupils need to know by the end.

The class this this being taught to is a year 10 mixed ability class.


Assignment details

This planning needs to be informed by your reading of associated research in your subject area regarding best practice/teaching for the concept/s at the centre of your progression map

Undertake background reading around the concept you wish to teach, and how pupils progress in their thinking in this concept, and make notes on key issues or themes that you need to consider as you plan/teach/evaluate.


The assignment consists of two sections:

Section 1.Justification for your Study: It should act as an introduction and initial explanation of choice of area and choices you have made in your planning, with links to key reading (c. 1000 words).

In this section you need to: (in separate headings)

• Explain and justify your choice of teaching, learning and assessment approaches in your Sequence, taking into account:

the steps in understanding that you want your pupils to make…

explicit reference to what you have learned from your reading, (Suitable sources include: relevant texts, journals, curriculum documentation, Ofsted reports, appropriate online resources).

Literature Review – Have I used a wide range of literature and resources? How will the literature inform the approach I will take, in order to deliver this topic effectively?

Investigate: (which need to be separate heading)

• curriculum content/examination specification content;

• approaches to teaching and learning your chosen curriculum area or concept; and

• what is already known to be difficult/challenging/easy for pupils to learn in this area (common misconceptions/barriers to learning)

• a brief description (using the context of your school) for your choice of:

curriculum concept to progress;

class to work with;

• the reasons for your choice of teaching, learning and assessment approaches and taking into account the steps in understanding that you want your pupils to make.


2. Reflective Evaluation: includes findings, conclusions and impact on practice, based around evaluation of pupils’ progress (c. 2000 words)

In this section you need to:

• Reflect upon and evaluate the approaches that you took and the impact on the progress of your learners while you were teaching the Sequence of Learning.

• Substantiate your reflections with reference to relevant literature/ research /studies /evidence.

 • Draw out some tentative/firm conclusions from your study, and consider the implications of these for your future teaching for progression in the concept you have focused on.

• My general evaluation – Have I referred back to the literature from Section 1? What ideas/strategies proved effective – and how do I know this? What worked well? (evidence) What might have worked better? (evidence) Any improvements I would make overall, if teaching this topic again

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