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 Description Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology which enhances a user’s real-world view/environment by superimposing computer generated content in real time. The computer generated visual object is superimposed/overlayed on the real world object in such a way that it appears as if they co-exist in the same space as the real world environment, in real time. These visual objects can be images, video or animation. Although augmented reality has existed for quite some time, it is an evolving technology and there is huge interest in AR as of past few years. The application of Augmented Reality ranges from the retail, travel and tourism industry, gaming, education, engineering, manufacturing to the medical field, among many others. Business experts believe that usage of AR would attract more customers/users for business, without high operational cost. One of the advantage for business in using augmented reality is that, some of the platform/hardware (i.e., smartphones and tablet) that are used for AR application development are easily available. Using iPhone or Android AR application, users will be able to try on clothes without actually wearing it or to check if the furniture fits the interior before even buying the furniture. However, there are challenges as well, many business leaders are reluctant to change their business models and there is a skill shortage for AR in the industry. Ethics and security issues need to be looked into as well. You are the Chief IT Consultant for a consulting company. One of your clients, XYZ University (XYZU), wants you to advise them on the possibility of using emerging “Augmented Reality” technology in their teaching method. Here are the details of your client: XYZU is a large educational institute with multiple campuses in five different cities (Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney) with the main campus in Canberra. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in all disciplines, with a student cohort consisting of both domestic students and international students from all over the world. XYZU, one of the largest educational institutes in the country, has noticed that their student enrolment number has decreased for the last few terms. So, XYZU is looking into all possible areas of improvement to increase their enrolment numbers. As a part of this strategy, XYZU is thinking of improving their teaching methods by incorporating some cutting edge 3 technology, instead of traditional teaching methods. Recently, the management team has heard of augmented reality technology and believe that it might improve the student learning experience, but they do not have expertise within the organisation. Management have also heard that usage of augmented reality might also reduce operational costs (for some disciplines) and they think that these savings can be used to improve student services, which will increase their students’ satisfaction ratings. XYZU would like you to investigate the technology involved with augmented reality and the challenges and opportunities of AR. XYZU is also interested to know the infrastructure/hardware/physical setup and training required, and costs involved in incorporating augmented reality in their teaching. You and your team need to gather information about augmented reality, and as the chief IT consultant, your task is also to critically analyse the suitability of augmented reality in teaching for your client. You have to complete this investigation and write a report for XYZU in the next three weeks. Since this is an initial investigation, the report does not require in-depth technical details (the report is aimed for both technical and non-technical stakeholders). Your research and the subsequent report should cover the following tasks: 1. Definition of augmented reality and the up to date developments in the field. This investigation must consider at least four different types of industries (except education) that use/can use augmented reality. You should provide detailed examples for all four cases. 2. Investigate application of augmented reality in education industry. Based on this findings, propose three disciplines (for XYZU) that could incorporate augmented reality in their students’ learning process. Provide details of your proposal explaining how AR will be incorporated in the teaching for the chosen disciplines. As part of this analysis, you might consider any two of the following topics (or you can choose other topics as well): o The potential advantages and disadvantages of the applications, o The infrastructure/hardware requirement, and o costing involved to incorporate augmented reality in their teaching. Please provide your recommendations at the end of the report. 3. Based on the information that you gathered, analyse critically how augmented reality could meet your client’s goal. Your analysis should also include potential advantages/disadvantages, costing, and ethical and/or security issue that your client needs to consider in this case.

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