As a project manager, providing accurate estimates and delivering the


As a project manager, providing accurate estimates and delivering the promises made by your timeline is vital to your ability to garner trust. The goal of this assignment is for the project manager to utilize all previous findings in prior assignments to create a feasible timeline for completion of the project at hand.

The project timeline should provide a minimum of eight milestones with an addendum addressing timeline risks (e.g., resource overload or underutilized during a specific time frame). The timeline submitted should be in a format comprehensible by a 10-year-old child. The timeline should indicate when key deliverables/milestones are planned for completion and project start and end dates. Lastly, outline a communication plan for your strategy on how to best distribute the timeline to individuals outside of the project team and defend your approach. This communication strategy and defense should be approximately two pages long.

Submit your assignment using the following format as one Word document for this assignment:

  1. Embed or insert an Excel spreadsheet displaying the timeline of the project
  1. Include a write-up describing the milestones and timeline (approximately two pages in length)

This assignment is to be prepared according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide and use the Rubric attachment to complete the assignment. Also make sure its technical 

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