AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)

 PATHOPHYSIOLOGY CARD CONDITION/DISEASE: DEFINITION: A brief definition, and include: the pathological process(es); organ(s) involved; nature of the organ’s change; and physiological functions involved. ETIOLOGY: Include when applicable: -Causative factor(s) -Incidence -Genetic factors -Predisposing and contributing factors PROGNOSIS AND COURSE OF CONDITION/DISEASE: This should be a generalized prognosis, which can be sued to compare with to your patient. Do not write the specific prognosis of your assigned patient; you may take care of patients with the same condition but different prognosis. CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS: -Subjective signs: what does the patient or family tell you? -Objective signs: this can include the physical exam and the laboratory findings TREATMENT: -Dietary: -Medication: -Surgical: -Psychosocial Considerations: -Other: ***Once again, this is a generalized card; what you write is under this section should be able to apply to MOST patients with this condition or disease. COMPLICATIONS: What signs and/or symptoms do you need to be aware of in order to prevent any complications? PREVENTIVE MEASURES: What generalized nursing measures could you institute? **Patho cards typed on paper: no torn edges please. ** Because patho cards are “generalized”, you can use them over and over again. If your instructor has your card, there is no need to rewrite another card. We will return yours cards to you on the next clinical day.

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