A simple project of computer program

This is almost a simple project of computer program that is suppose to RUN in “true basic” computer program and specifically it needs to RUN 15 different commands ( simple commands) and i will show bellow a sample of this project to show how it is suppose to look like ( posted by professor to demonstrate how he is expecting this project) i need this to be 100% original !

1: option nolet, line 24 !2: string concatenation, line 30 !3: INPUT, line 35 !4: CASE structure, line 37 !5: PAUSE statement, line 34 !6: IF, ELSE, line 50 !7: Int function, line 47 !8: DO loop, line 61 !9: SET ZONEWIDTH, line 77 !10: MAX function, line 81 !11: FOR, NEXT, line 101 !12: Abs value function, line 120 !13: SET COLOR, line 123 !14: ELSEIF, line 151 !15: SOUND, line 162 OPTION NOLET !Here, I’m using option nolet so that I don’t have to use LET statements PRINT “To begin, please tell me your first name…” INPUT firstname$ PRINT PRINT “Now please enter your last name…” INPUT lastname$ NAME$ = firstname$ & ” “& lastname$ !Here, I’m joining the two user unputed string variables using concatination PRINT PRINT “Alright “; name$;” lets begin.” PRINT PAUSE 1.5 !Here, I’m having the program pause momentarily before moving onto the next part of the program. INPUT prompt “Are you ready to take a math test?…”: reply$ !Here, I’m having the user input a string variable, which… PRINT SELECT CASE reply$ !…the select case will read and decide which case it belongs in to know which result to print. CASE “Yes”, “YES”, “yes”,”Y”,”y” PRINT “Good…here we go!” PRINT CASE else PRINT “Whatever…you’re taking one anyway! Here it goes…” PRINT END SELECT PAUSE 1.5 INPUT prompt “Please enter a number that includes a number after the decimal point?…”:reply LET answer1 = Int(reply) PRINT INPUT prompt “Please round that number to the next whole number on the left of it on a number line…” : reply2 IF reply2=answer1 then !Here, I’m allowing the program to decide which answer to give by telling PRINT ! The “correct” response and then telling it to give an incorrect response PRINT “Correct!” ! for any other input.

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