A qualitative analysis of the impacts of social media marketing on customer satisfaction

The purpose of the assignment is to get you started on your research literature, which is included in the final research project due at the end of the semester. The assignment asks you to search the most significant papers on which your research topic is structured. Find up to 10 interesting and related journal articles which will aid you in forming your research problem, and write up a useful summary of what each article says. Use the following as a way to organise your assignment: 1. State the title for your study. 2. Say why this study is potentially important as an area for study/research. 3. Sequentially list the full citations for 10 journal articles related to your study. 4. For each of these articles, give a summary of what the article has done and found a. state the objectives of the study discussed in the article b. give a very brief review of the literature reviewed and why in article c. describe the methods used d. describe the findings and discuss e. what are the useful research questions arising from the study Do not write an integrated literature review here (which you will eventually do in your final research project), but rather use this assignment to merely find pertinent articles that will eventually appear in your literature review, due later. Try to find the most useful articles related to your topic. Make them as recent as possible and/or seminal in the field(s) of study. Try to find articles that summarize your field and/or point to future research needs in the field. Also, create a zip file of the 10 of the most salient articles you reviewed –with the highlighted text and keep ready. The course lecturer may ask you to submit it. The summary of each article should be able to be accomplished in less than a single page. You need to find 10 journal articles from the top journal. And the top of journal ranking is from these 25. The journal ranking is not journal title, is need to be cited journal from one of these 25 requirements. 1. European Journal of Marketing 2. Industrial Marketing Management 3.International Journal of Research in Marketing 4. International Marketing Review 5.Journal of Advertising 6.Journal of Advertising Research 7.Journal of Business Research 8.Journal of Consumer Affairs 9.Journal of Consumer Psychology 10.Journal of Consumer Research 11.Journal of Interactive Marketing 12.Journal of International Marketing 13.Journal of Marketing 14.Journal of Marketing Management 15.Journal of Marketing Research 16.Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 17.Journal of Retailing 18.Journal of Service Research 19.Journal of Sport Management 20.Journal of Strategic Marketing 21.Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 22.Marketing Letters 23.Marketing Science 24.Marketing Theory 25.Psychology & Marketing

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